Nant-y-Gollen Ponds

The Nant-y-Gollen Ponds were originally one large millpond which was the power source for the forge further down the stream. The stream used to flow into the pond at the top edge and then exit at the bottom edge, but in later years a stream was created to run alongside the ponds.

The sweet chestnuts surrounding the ponds are approximately 400 years old and were used as a source of charcoal for the forges downstream. The trees are very adaptable and sprout vigorously after being cut back thus creating more timber which can be used for charcoal.

During the 1920's Johnny Weismuller, the original Tarzan, used the ponds for a swimming event and in later years it is reputed that the ponds were the home for the local water polo team.

The ponds were re-designed in the early 1990’s and two ponds were created with the intention that they should be used as model boating lakes. Unfortunately, the ponds now leak, hence the problems that are associated with the lack of water and the difficulty with sediment in the base.


Last Modified: 05/12/2018
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