Gorsedd Stone Circle

The Gorsedd Stone Circle was erected in 1923 prior to the National Eisteddfod that was held in the Park in 1924. The Eisteddfod is a celebration of Welsh literature, art, culture and music and is rooted in the old bardic tradition. During the ceremony the Bard is appointed and prizes are given for outstanding contributions to Welsh culture.

The stone circle is known as the Circle of Sacred Refuge and the stones themselves are called sacred stones and stones of testimony. The centre stone is known as the Stone of Presidency or the Altar of Gorsedd or the Perfection Stone. The layout of the stone circle is specified within a set of rules governing the ceremony.

A number of bards are appointed throughout the celebration and each bard has a distinctive colour suitable to his own order. For example, a poet will wear a robe of sky blue colour, a druid’s robe is white, an ovate’s robe which signifies the growth and increase of learning and science is green. In addition, there are various other regalia including swords and standards which are a part of the overall ceremony.


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