Night Out Scheme

Night Out LogoNight Out is an Arts Council of Wales scheme that helps local volunteer promoters put professional performances in village halls and other community venues across Wales.

Designed for: a community centre, village hall or similar community organisations based in Wales

Wanting to: put on performances by professional entertainers in your local area, without the headache of financial risk?

How it works

Contact the Night Out office or for great ideas on suitable shows for your hall or you can book professional performers you have discovered elsewhere, however we do not cover pantomimes or tribute artists.

Get in touch with the performer, ensure they can fit your venue, check what they require and if they can provide publicity materials then pencil in a date. Apply to Night Out either online or fill in the simple 3-page booking form, applying at least four weeks before the event but preferably much earlier. Ticket prices should reflect the value of the show and what is affordable in your community; tickets can be printed for you if requested for no extra charge.

Night Out pays the performer fees which can vary greatly in scale and may cost anything up to £850. You get the performer at a standard subsidised price which is currently 50% of the full fee up to a maximum of £300 (£200 if the venue is in a Communities First area). In nearly all cases we can arrange for this to be completely or partially guaranteed by your local authority so that your risk of losing money is either minimised or eliminated. It is possible to book more expensive shows costing above £850 up to a maximum fee of £1500 if you can put up the additional money.

Putting on the Event

You are responsible for putting on the event so make sure you have others who can help with the workload. Check with your local authority to see if you need a Temporary Events Notice or other license - this will have to be applied for an absolute minimum of ten working days before the event. If you do not apply in time the event will have to be cancelled and you may be liable for cancellation fees. Check with the performers when you will receive publicity or press information, what time they need to set up, how the show is staged, where they can get changed and any technical issues, also please ask if they need food or a drink on the night.

Booking a show

Promote the event to your local press and community; put up posters, don’t forget social media options and remember word of mouth is crucial. Please credit Night Out support and include information about disabled access at the venue (logos available at At the event introduce the show and mention if there is an interval, go through basic health and safety issues (fire exits, turn off mobile phones etc) and acknowledge support from Night Out and other funders. Unless the performers say otherwise close the bar or tuck shop during the performance and please don’t let the interval raffle overrun.

After the event

We pay the performer their full fee upon receipt of an invoice and report form. You complete our simple report form declaring your ticket income and send any income up to the guarantee amount of £300/ £200 to the Night Out Office. If you don’t make £300 / £200 but have a local authority guarantee this will cover the difference. Just send the ticket income you have and we will bill your local authority for the deficit. We just expect you to try your best to sell the performance. If you make more than £300 / £200 your group can keep the next £100 profit. Any money after that, up to the full performer cost, should be returned to Night Out so we can support someone else’s event. Please note that this only applies to the ticket income. Any money raised from the sale of refreshments or a raffle is your own to keep.

More Info

Further help and advice on promoting your event including ‘Counting down to a Great Night Out’ and ‘It’s Easy to be Bilingual’ can be downloaded from or contact:

Night Out, Arts Council of Wales, Bute Place, Cardiff, CF10 5AL

Last Modified: 05/12/2018
For more information contact:

Night Out
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