The Tech Coach Service

The Tech Coach is a free service available to older people, carers and people with learning disabilities living in Torfaen. The Tech Coach is a pilot project funded by the Welsh Government, which aims to maximise the use of technology among the people living in Torfaen.

The service can offer advice/support with:

  • Identifying technology best suited to the user’s needs
  • Setting up new equipment
  • Using technology

One-to-one support

Everyone has a different level of ability when it comes to using technology. Individuals will have different goals that they want to achieve and will work towards those goals at various paces. Everybody is different.

Whatever the need of the individual, the Tech Coach can discuss how they can progress towards their goals.

One-to-one support is offered at the learner’s home and the number of sessions needed will depend on what the learner wants to achieve.

Once a learner objective has been achieved, individuals can decide to move on to another learner objective or end their use of the Tech Coach Service.

Group sessions

In many cases one-to-one support won’t be needed by people in the community. Group sessions will be set up around Torfaen, offering an opportunity to learn about important topics (such as online safety) and providing a drop in service for people who have questions about using and accessing technology. For example, this could be a question about using a map app on a smart phone, or how to show holiday pictures on a TV.

* Information on the location and time of Tech Coach group sessions will be made available on this page and on Torfaen social media when they are running.

Pop-up events

You may see the Tech Coach out in the community during the day. The Coach will be available to provide more information on the service; information on how to apply for one-to-one support; and be able to answer your quick fire questions on technology (as best he can). 

Digital skills guides from Digital Unite

The Tech Coach Service aims to provide support in a way that is best for each individual. Digital Unite have created hundreds of digital skills guides to help individuals develop their digital competency. These how-to guides are perfect for those who want to learn at their own pace or need support when the Tech Coach is unavailable. Click the following link to access over 400 how-to digital skills guides.

How to access the service

To request the Tech Coach contact you about providing one-to-one support, referrals can be made to the customer service team on 01495 762200.

If you want to attend a group session, there is no need to book although there will be a requirement to register your attendance.

How do I make a complaint about the service?

If you would like to make a formal complaint please contact 01495 742164 or


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