Torfaen Falls Service

If you are an older person and you have fallen once, unfortunately you are more likely to fall again.

It is impossible to stop every fall, but it is possible to minimise the risk factors and keep as many people as safe as possible.

Torfaen’s new Falls Service runs programmes to help reduce the risk of you falling over again.

Falls Clinic

If you have fallen recently, your health or social care professional might suggest you attend the Falls Clinic at Canalside Joint Resource Centre, Cwmbran.

At the clinic, you will be assessed to see if you are likely to fall again, be checked for osteoporosis and have your medication reviewed (please bring your current medications along).

Your assessment will involve you answering some questions and having a physical examination by a consultant. Please allow two hours for the assessment. You can bring along a relative or friend if you wish.

After your assessment, the falls team will send a report to your GP. If a specific problem is identified, you might be referred to another service.

Reducing the risk of a fall

Everyone is different, but some people can reduce the risk of falling by:

  • Checking your home for hazards and putting right any problems
  • Doing exercises to improve your strength and balance
  • Having your eyesight tested
  • Checking with your GP if your medication needs to be changed
  • Getting up slowly from your bed or chair

What to do if you fall

If you are unlucky enough to fall, it’s important that someone finds you quickly.

Attract Help!

Use your care alarm pendant or crawl to a telephone or bang on the floor or shout. Try to get up. 

Keep Warm

Cover yourself with anything to hand e.g. a towel, a rug, a blanket 

Keep Moving

Move the parts of your of your body that don’t hurt to stop pressure on the bony parts. 

For more information, contact the Falls Information Line on 01633 647480.

Last Modified: 05/12/2018
For more information contact:

Falls Information Line

Tel: 01633 647480


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