School and College Transport

School and College Transport (other than for Special Education)

Free transport is generally restricted to pupils who attend their catchment area school and live the necessary distance from the school. 

Primary aged pupils (Reception to Year 6)

Free transport will be provided if living more than 2 miles from the catchment school. 

Secondary aged pupils (Years 7 to 11)

Free transport will be provided if living more than 3 miles from the catchment school.

Post 16 years of age 

Free transport will also be provided for post 16 pupils / students if they live more than 3 miles from their college campus or catchment school. Provision will either be in the form of a Travel Grant (currently £48.00 per term) or a season ticket. Students with special needs eg wheelchair provision may be provided with Specialised contracted transport (subject to review).

Transitional Transport Arrangements

The new mileage criteria referred to above will be phased in and therefore will only apply to new applications received for primary (reception year), secondary (year 7) or post 16 (year 12) for the start of the 2015/16 academic session. Pupils/students currently in school/college will continue to receive transport based on the former mileage criteria (i.e. 1.5 miles for Primary; 2 miles for secondary/Post 16) until their respective periods of study are completed i.e Year 6 at Primary level; Year 11 at secondary and Year 13 for Post 16 studies.

Nursery Transport 

Parents should be aware that the Authority does not provide transport for nursery aged children. 


Full details on the Authority's Transport policy relating to mainstream, Welsh and Voluntary Aided (Church) schools can be found in the Schools Information Booklet

For further information contact 01495 766918. 

Alternatively you can download the relevant application forms below

The Transport code of practice is currently unavailable as we are amending the booklet. If you have any queries please contact a member of the Transport team on 01495 766919 / 766920.

Last Modified: 05/12/2018
For more information contact:

Transport Team

Tel: 01495 766919 / 766920

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