Five key pillars of youth work

Youth work has a value base which is grounded in respect for young people, inclusion and equal opportunity.  The key principles that underpin the delivery of youth work are captured in The Five Pillars of Youth Work in Wales - educative, expressive, empowering, inclusive and participative

Youth workers build relationships with young people in a range of settings; in youth clubs, in parks and outdoor spaces, in schools and colleges, essentially wherever young people are and when they want to engage.

Working alongside young people, youth workers create safe spaces that are designed and built in response to their needs. They collaboratively provide and create opportunities to assist young people on their journey into adulthood and independence through the Five Pillars.

The Five Pillars of Youth Work in Wales are:

  • Educative is all about learning in a way that suits you, where it suits you and when it suits you!
  • Expressive is finding out that we all have different talents, strengths and qualities and its great fun finding out what these are.
  • Empowering is about building on our strengths, trying new things and being confident in ourselves.
  • Inclusive is doing what we can to ensure pathways are open and barriers brought down so we can get involved
  • Participative - with confidence, knowledge and support we can make a contribution to matters that affect us and our community.

For more information regarding the principles and purposes of youth work click here.

Last Modified: 10/05/2022
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