Community Risk Register

The Civil Contingencies Act 2004 requires Local Responders to undertake a number of duties, one of which is to maintain and publish a Community Risk Register as part of a risk based planning process. 

This work is undertaken by a group of partner agencies and organisations, along with ourselves, which make up what is called a ‘Local Resilience Forum’, the aim of which is to ensure a joined up response to all types of major emergency. 

The community risk register is the first part of the emergency planning process and ensures that the plans developed are proportionate to the risks. 

The community risk register aims to: 

  • Ensure that local responders have an accurate understanding of the risks that they face enabling a sound foundation for planning.
  • Provide a sound basis for the prioritisation of objectives, work programmes, and allocation of resources.
  • Enable joined up planning, based on consistent planning assumptions.
  • To provide a basic overview of Emergency Planning for the general public and officials.

A copy of the Gwent Local Resilience Forum Community Risk Register is available to view here.

For further information on the risks we face visit the Gwent Local Resilience Forum website.

Last Modified: 18/02/2022
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