Skip Permits

All skips placed on the public highway must have a permit. It is the responsibility of the company providing the skip to contact the Council requesting permission to place it on the highway.

A permit will not be issued to a member of the public.

A copy of the company’s Liability Insurance must be provided prior to the approval of the permit. No permits will be issued to companies without a valid liability insurance that does not exceed £10,000,000.

Permits are required to ensure skips are not placed so as to block access to property or apparatus within the highway, reduce highway widths to an unacceptable extent or to restrict visibility at junctions, access and crossing points. If any of these are affected during the siting of the skip the Highway Authority must be contacted and a site visit arranged to discuss the situation. However, this must be done prior to the placing of the skips.

You must not place a skip on the Public Highway without a permit from us. You must give at least 24 hours notice when applying for a licence.

Skips must be clearly marked with the owners name, address and 24 hour emergency contact telephone number.

The fees for a skip permit are £59 per week or part of (to be paid in advance).

The authority must be informed when the skip is removed.

If a permit is not obtained or there is a failure to comply with the conditions specified the offending company may be liable for prosecution.

Any skips (illegally placed or otherwise) deemed dangerous by the authority will be removed and stored and the relevant company informed and re-charged. Any skips not complying with the above or on the Highway without a permit will be deemed to be illegal. In such circumstances a fee for non-compliance of this policy will incur an initial charge of £195. Where considered appropriate by the Highway Authority a removal fee of £160 will also be applied and also a subsequent storage fee of £50 per day will apply until collection.

It should be noted that a failure to obtain a relevant and up to date permit will result in the skip (if placed on the Highway) being classed as illegal. In such circumstances this will result in your insurance cover being classed as null and void.

Conditions of Approval

  • You must indemnify the Borough Council against all claims, however caused, or arising from or attributable to, the placing of the skip and other works to be carried out, and you should insure in respect of liability imposed by the conditions. A copy of the relevant insurer’s certificate must be enclosed.
  • The skip at all time must clearly display the owners name/address and 24 hr telephone number.
  • The skip shall be sited on wooden baulks (minimum 2 No.)
  • The skip shall be painted a bright colour to ensure visibility.
  • The skip shall be adequately lit during the hours of darkness.
  • The Owner will be responsible for the contents of the skip and damage howsoever arising from the storage of same whilst on the public highway.
  • The applicant will agree to remove the skip when requested by an Officer of the Council and in any case not more than 48 hours after it has been deemed to be filled.
  • The skip must be fitted with red and yellow fluorescent marking at each end as per Schedule 2 of the regulations.
  • DO NOT place skips on blind corners
  • DO NOT place skips near ‘Give Way’ junctions
  • DO NOT place skips in bus stops
  • DO NOT places skips in school crossing patrol zones
  • DO NOT place skips on verges

No blank copies of the permits are available. The company must contact the authority in order to obtain the permit. You can Apply for a Skip Permit online here.

Last Modified: 22/04/2024
For more information contact:

Highways Maintenance

Tel: 01495 766797


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