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Torfaen is no stranger to enterprise, innovation and diversification, therefore ensuring it is in touch with today’s ever changing economic climate. Perfect for any business looking to invest or relocate here and become part of this dynamic, yet resilient environment. When you have decided that Torfaen is the natural home for your business, not only will we be there to help you make the move to the area, but you’ll find that we can provide comprehensive support and assistance to ensure your business continues to thrive and prosper.

Once at the thriving heart of the Industrial Revolution, Torfaen in modern times has developed its economy. Sectors such as manufacturing, construction, the service industry, finance and business, distribution, communications and transport all have played their role. Torfaen continues its journey to becoming a diverse, resilient and enterprising economy by welcoming and supporting the growth of innovative and knowledge based businesses. In addition, the areas reputation as a visitor destination contributes to the expanding tourism and hospitality sector. Torfaen aspires to become the home of Wales’ digital valley, thereby placing the area at the forefront of 21st century skills and infrastructure development. The green and energy sectors additionally are targeted areas for growth.

With over 1 million people living in close proximity and commuting distance to the borough, along with the highly reputable universities in the area, companies investing in Torfaen will have access to a great talent pool.

Torfaen’s location in South East Wales makes it easy for businesses to operate on a national and global platform. Excellent road, rail and air links brings the rest of the UK and Europe to your doorstep whilst our digital infrastructure ensures that the global business community is only a click away.

For businesses looking to ensure that their staff enjoy a great quality of life, Torfaen offers a vibrant mix of town, village and rural living – with all the advantages each of these can bring and at terrific value for money. Your staff will also have the choice of living just a short distance away in Newport, Monmouthshire - or any other part of this corner of Wales with its rich blend of townscapes, national parks, countryside and even the coast.

If you are considering locating your business in Torfaen, contact Torfaen Business Direct who can provide advice and support. Tel: 01633 648735, email: or complete the Business Enquiry form.

Last Modified: 27/03/2023
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