Getting married in a place of religious worship

A religious Marriage Ceremony can take place in a religious building registered for worship and the solemnisation of Marriage. If you are planning to hold your ceremony of this type, then you would need to make the following arrangements:

Church of England and Church in Wales

If you wish to marry in an Anglican Church (Church of England, Church in Wales) you would firstly need to contact the vicar. If he/she agrees to marry you, they will arrange for the Banns to be called, or for a Common Licence to be issued.

The ceremony will then be registered by the vicar and there is usually no need to involve the local register office in the process. If the Register Office does needs to be contacted, the vicar will advise you of this.

Other Places of Worship

If you wish to marry by religious ceremony in any other place other than Church of England/Church of Wales, then you should firstly contact the minister associated with the building to discuss arrangements. If they agree to conduct your service on the day, then you would need to contact the register office in the area where you live to arrange to give a notice of marriage.

You should establish prior to this notice appointment, if the church in which you are to hold your ceremony, has an authorised person available to register, If not, then you would need to book a registrar to attend.

It is only possible to be married in a religious building located in the area where either or both of you live. You may, however be married in a religious building in another district, if it is your usual place of worship. Please contact the registrars for guidance if this is not the case.

Civil partnership in a religious building

Civil Partnerships can be registered in a religious building which has been specially approved. Your Registration may then be followed by a separate religious Ceremony. Please contact the office if you have any queries regarding this.

If you or your partner are subject to immigration control please see – Notice of Marriage /Civil Partnerships

Please note: You are unable to hold a same sex marriage in an Anglican Church.

How you will I be able to obtain a Marriage Certificate

A Marriage Certificate can only be issued after your details have been entered on to the electronic marriage register at the Register office. This means that you will not be able to obtain a Marriage Certificate on the day of your marriage. Your details will be entered onto the electronic registration register within 7 days after you have signed your Marriage Schedule/document.

After this time, if you require a Marriage Certificate, it will be necessary for you to telephone the registrars team on 01495 742132, to apply and order your Marriage Certificate. The cost is £11.00 per certificate, a debit or credit card payment can be taken at this time.

If you would like any further guidance, please contact the office on 01495 742132 or email: where staff will be happy to help.

Last Modified: 14/05/2021
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