Marriage and Civil Partnership ceremonies in Torfaen

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Congratulations!! Thank you for considering Torfaen as a location to hold your upcoming Ceremony.

Whether you are planning a Civil marriage or Civil partnership ceremony, Torfaen Registration Service will work with you to create your perfect day.

A ceremony Information pack will be especially prepared to help you decide on choices for your special day and a pre-ceremony appointment will be made to discuss your options and choices.

What happens on the day?

When you, and all the guests have arrived at the venue for your ceremony. The registrar will meet with you both to check the details to be entered on the legal record.

These details include:

  • Your name, address, occupation and current age.
  • Parent/s name and occupation
  • The names of the witnesses

You will be seen separately when giving this information. Please ensure that the information you give is accurate, as changing it at a later date can be complicated.

Guests will then be asked to enter the ceremony room and you can then enter the room together or separately by escort (if preferred) During the ceremony a short introduction is given by the superintendent registrar. Declarations and vows are then exchanged, together (should you wish) with the giving and receiving of ring/s. Once the ceremony is over you will both be asked to check and sign the legal record that you have made.

At the end of the ceremony a certificate will be presented by the Superintendent Registrar. Additional copies can be purchased at this time, or at a later date.

Personalising your Ceremony

There are a number of ways in which you can personalise your ceremony. Choices can be added to the legal framework of the ceremony to cater to your individual need, making it more personal to you…

Readings and Vows

You can enhance your ceremony by including readings or poetry within your Ceremony. These can be read by you, or alternatively by one of your guests. You can also write in addition to the legal declarations your own vows. We have a selection of poetry and readings at the register office for you to use should you wish, or alternatively, your own personal choice of a non religious nature can be added.


Within the Ceremony you can incorporate up to three pieces of music.. A piece when entering the room, a second for the signing the Register and third piece to exit the room. Alternatively, the same piece of music can be played throughout. As this is a civil ceremony, this has to be of a non religious nature.

We hold a selection of CD’S here at the register office, which could be used if you would prefer a more subtle effect with background music only.


Your ceremony is one of the most important days of your life. Staff at the Register office, are used to working closely with photographers in capturing the precious moments that make up your special day.

There will be plenty of opportunities throughout the ceremony for photographs to be taken and after the official signing of the Register/schedule, a mock signing will be set up to pose for those all important photographs.

If you would like to book a ceremony or require any further guidance, please contact the office on 01495 742132 or email: where staff will be happy to help.

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