Valleys Voices Podcast

Illustration of a typical valleys with the title Valleys Voices Podcast

Valleys Voices podcast is about you, about me, about us.

Presenters from the Community Cohesion team meet people living in the Gwent Valleys to explore how a sense of place can unite diverse communities.  

Sean Wharton

Sean Wharton – Ex-professional footballer and businessman Sean talks about challenging racism in sport.

Noah Nyle

Noah Nyle – Transgender male Noah talks about his personal journey and being an LGBTQ+ advocate.

Emily Parker

Emily Parker – Sports enthusiast Emily Parker talks about being a gay women in Rugby.

Nataliia Tatarenko

Nataliia Tatarenko - Ukrainian Refugee sharing her experiences of living in South Wales.

Return to Ukraine

Nataliia Tatarenko - Ukrainian Refugee talks about returning to visit her home in war-torn Ukraine. 

Holocaust Memorial

Harry Spiro - Survivor of the Holocaust and his story is shared by his daughter Tracy.

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