Road Safety Education

Much of our road safety education is undertaken in conjunction with Torfaen schools. Our road safety staff:

  • provide teaching staff with lesson plans and training where applicable to enable the schools to teach aspects of road safety to pupils
  • work directly with pupils when carrying out training for the Kerbcraft scheme and other road safety workshops.
  • Support schools participating in national events such as materials for Walk to School week/month
  • Promote educational road safety competitions
  • Support partnership safety initiatives such as ‘Crucial Crew’ in primary schools and ‘DnA’ in secondary schools.
  • Oversee Cycle training and year 6 pedestrian training (Transition lesson)

Kerbcraft  - child pedestrian training

Kerbcraft provides practical roadside training to primary school pupils to teach them the skills to use the road network safely, to inform good habits and to reduce the risk of personal injury. The Kerbcraft scheme is fully supported by Welsh Government.

The aim is to deliver Kerbcraft to every primary school age pupil in Torfaen provided parental permission to participate has been given.

Children and cycling

We want all children who choose to cycle to do so safely. We offer the classic cycle proficiency training scheme to all Torfaen primary schools. This scheme is normally delivered to year 6 or sometimes year 5 pupils. The road safety staff offer support to the school to enable the school to teach children the basic cycling skills within a safe playground environment. A free bike safety check is carried out at the start. At the end of the training, the road safety staff will check the children’s cycling skills, provide feedback on each child’s level of competence and issue each child with an appropriate certificate.

If you wish to see if this scheme is available for your child, please enquire with your child’s school.

Transition lessons

During their last year at primary school, we engage with year 6 pupils to highlight the Road Safety Issues faced by children when they start their new journey to secondary school in year 7. We recap useful road safety information and messages and aim to get children thinking about the differences and dangers of their journey to secondary school in September – and to plan accordingly.

Child/baby car seat guide

A free up-to-date child car seat guide is available from the road safety office. The guide includes self-help information on how to check that your child car seat is correctly fitted.

Last Modified: 30/08/2023
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