Firework Display Registration Scheme

Are you planning to hold a public firework display this year?

To ensure that everyone enjoys a happy, accident free event, Torfaen County Borough Council is running a free Firework Display Registration Scheme for those organising firework displays in the area.

This year the closing date for completed application forms to register events is 6th October 2023 or 28 days before any event containing fireworks or a bonfire.

Once a completed application form is received, an appointment will be made to carry out an advisory site visit and some recommendations for improvement may be provided.

Successful applications will be issued with a Certificate of Registration.

To apply for registration, please download a copy of the fireworks/bonfire displays application form.

Noise, sale, and use of fireworks

Find further information about noise pollution and the use and sale of fireworks.

Further Fireworks Guidance

Visit the website of the Health and Safety Executive for further health and safety advice on organising firework displays.

The Health and Safety Executive also publish two documents which provide useful information for those wanting to hold a firework display:

HSG 123 "Working together on firework displays" - This publication is aimed at competent display operators and display organisers. It does not cover displays where the fireworks are to be fired by people without specialist knowledge or training.

HSG 124 "Giving your own firework display" - This book is for people who will be organising and lighting firework displays but who have no specialist knowledge.

NOTE: Torfaen County Borough Council does not organise, run or supervise these events. The organisers of these events have sought safety advice from the Council and/or Safety Advisory Group which has been provided in accordance with Health and Safety Executive publications "Giving your own firework display: How to run and fire it safely" and "Working together on firework displays: A guide to safety for firework display organisers and operators"

Last Modified: 22/09/2023
For more information contact:

Health & Safety

Tel: 01633 647260


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