Batteries to be collected at the kerbside

Posted on: Thursday 30 March 2023

From next week, residents will be able to recycle small household batteries weekly at the kerbside.

Batteries will be collected at the same time as residents’ black boxes.

Residents are asked to put them in small clear bags, such as sandwich bags, that are tied so the batteries don’t fall out.

What batteries can be recycled?

  • AAA, AA, B, C, D, DD and 9V batteries

What batteries can’t be recycled?

  • Lithium-ion ‘button’ batteries such as those in calculators, hearing aids and watches
  • E-cigarette and vape pen batteries
  • Chargeable batteries from laptops, mobile phones, power tools and vacuum cleaners
  • Car batteries
  • Battery chargers

These batteries can be recycled at the Household Waste Recycling Centre located at New Inn. Find out what else can be recycled in Torfaen on our website.

Introducing battery recycling is part of the council’s plan to help meet the Welsh Government’s 70 per cent recycling target by 2025. The changes include plans to reduce the frequency of purple-lidded bin collections to three or four weekly. Have your say here.

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