Surgeries to tackle a rise in damp homes

Posted on: Thursday 23 February 2023

A series of surgeries for Torfaen residents have been set up during March to provide a range of information, advice and guidance on the increasing problem of mould and damp in homes.

The multi-agency surgeries are designed to be face-to face one-stop shops to avoid people being passed from one organisation to another without getting the advice they need to help tackle mould in the home.

Each surgery will have representatives from the borough’s registered social landlords, including Melin, Bron Afon and Pobl, financial advisors, energy advisors, Citizen’s Advice, Aneurin Bevan University Health Board, and Torfaen Council’s environmental health and housing teams.

Cllr David Daniels, Torfaen’s Executive Member for Adult Services and Housing, said: “I’ve had an increasing number of people contact me concerned over mould and damp in their homes.  Mould can affect every type of home, but it has been made worse this winter by the rising costs of energy and inflation on all goods.

“As residents struggle to afford to heat their homes, people are naturally reluctant to let heat out and let cool air in. This creates the perfect environment for damp and every property can be affected if not properly ventilated.”

The drop-in surgeries will be open from 2.30pm until 6pm and will take place on:

  • Tuesday, 7th of March at the Blaenavon Resource Centre
  • Wednesday, 8th of March at Pontypool Indoor Market
  • Thursday, 9th of March at Cwmbran Library

On the day, people will also be able to access a range of cost-of-living support services to help mitigate against some of the problems that can occur with insufficiently heated homes.

Mal Edgson, Chief Executive Officer at Torfaen Citizens Advice, said: “With energy prices the highest they have ever been, heating homes is unaffordable for many and it isn't surprising that damp and mould are more of a problem often leading to worsening health.

“Citizens Advice and other advice agencies can help you claim the benefits you are entitled to, manage problem debt in a more affordable way, check if you are entitled to help with energy costs and improving insulation for your home.”

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