Funeral attendance Gwent Crematorium - permitted numbers of mourners

Posted on: Friday 28 January 2022

With the Welsh Government announcement that Wales has moved fully into alert level zero, the number of mourners permitted to attend funerals in the Gwent Crematorium Chapel, Croesyceiliog has increased.

With immediate effect, the number of permitted attendees at the Gwent Crematorium Chapel is 120.

For funerals at cemeteries the number of mourners remains unlimited.

Funeral directors will be able to give advice on permitted attendance numbers for the venue of funerals or memorial services.

All decisions on the allowable number of mourners are made following a review of risk assessments and consider a number of factors including the guidance and rules as set out across the Welsh Government alert levels.

Despite the easing of the restrictions and the move to alert level zero, cases in communities remains very high and COVID-19 is still spreading locally.  Therefore, everyone still has a part to play in taking reasonable measures to minimise the risk of exposure and spread of coronavirus.

It is fully recognised how difficult and distressing this time can be, and that the support and comfort of family and friends is so important.  However, mourners are urged to consider the real risk of further spread at such gatherings and limit those risks wherever possible.

Reasonable measures include:

  • Attendance at a funeral as a mourner continues to be limited to those specifically invited by the organiser of the funeral and the carer of anyone attending.
  • Continue to adhere to hygiene measures.  Frequent handwashing and the use of hand sanitiser gel remains important, as does refraining from touching noses and mouths with unwashed hands.
  • Where possible limit close physical interaction.
  • Adhere to the current Welsh Government requirement to self-isolate if COVID-19 positive, with the exception for compassionate reasons such as attending the funeral of a family member or close friend.
  • Take a lateral flow test in advance of attending funerals and use the NHS Covid-19 app to check in to the venue.
  • Those attending a funeral are required to wear face coverings throughout the duration of the ceremony while in an indoor public space, such as the crematorium chapel, with the exemption of individuals with a reasonable excuse such as:
    • they are not able to put on or wear a face covering because of a physical or mental illness, or because of a disability or impairment
    • they are accompanying somebody who relies on lip reading where they need to communicate.
  • Congregational singing is not permitted.
  • All attendees at the Gwent Crematorium Chapel must be seated.

All decisions regarding the numbers of allowable mourners at funerals are not taken lightly.  Respect for the deceased and compassion for the bereaved is an important part of decision-making, but protecting the health and wellbeing of the public, funeral, burial, and crematorium staff must be the foremost concern during this ongoing public health emergency.

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