Help our crews by recycling cardboard weekly

Posted on: Thursday 25 January 2024
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Residents are being reminded to put their blue bags out for collection weekly to help recycling collection crews.

The blue bag can be used to recycle cereal boxes, egg boxes, greeting cards, corrugated cardboard, brown parcel or packaging paper, paper bags, Kraft paper, notebook covers/backings and any other card packaging.

Recycling your cardboard weekly is a huge help for our crews to complete rounds, and it reduces the amount of items residents have to store.

Councillor Mandy Owen, Executive Member for the Environment, said: “Our crews are still noticing that a large proportion of residents are still putting out cardboard every two weeks on the same day as purple lidded bins or only when their bag is full.

“The result is that the card compartments are filling up fast and the vehicles need to be emptied more often. This means it can take crews several more hours than calculated to complete their round.

“Putting your card out weekly like your black box and food bin means the storage compartments on our recycling vehicles are filled at a similar pace, and the crews only need to empty the vehicles when all compartments are full – not just when the cardboard compartment is full.

“Reducing the number of trips our recycling vehicles make to tip off will help ensure we collect everything from the kerbside on scheduled days.”

Find out more about what can be recycled weekly in the blue bag

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