Support for Young People who are not in education, employment or training (NEET)

Each year a number of young people leave school and do not progress into Education, Employment or Training; these individuals are then classed as NEET (Not in education, employment and/ or training). To address this, the Local Authority, along with partner agencies, have implemented a number of processes to identify young people who are risk of becoming NEET and provide them with support to help them progress into a positive destination after school.

The Positive Pathways Group

The Positive Pathways Group has been created to implement effective approaches to supporting young people into sustained engagement, training and employment. The Youth Engagement and Progression Action Plan details how the Positive Pathways Group supports young people and bases its actions around the Welsh Government’s Youth Engagement and Progression Framework’s six building blocks:

  • Early Identification of young people at risk of disengagement;
  • Brokerage of co-ordination and support;
  • Comprehensive tracking of young people through the system;
  • Provision and progression aligned with the needs of young people;
  • Progression into employment and employment opportunities; and
  • Accountability for continuous improvement and stronger collaboration.

The KIT Group

The KIT Group is a multi agency operational group that works to the Positive Pathways group and responds to the individual needs of young people that are NEET or at risk of becoming NEET. Interventions are provided to engage with a young person and appropriate provision is offered to support the disengaged young person back into education, employment or training.

Inspire2 Achieve/ Inspire2 Work

Inspire is a European Social Fund Project providing support to young people that are NEET or at risk of disengaging from education.

The Inspire2 Work team offers support to young people aged 16-24 that are currently NEET and living in Torfaen and live in Non-Communities First areas; supporting them towards and into employment.

The Inspire2 Achieve team supports young people primarily aged 11-16 within Secondary Schools across Torfaen, who are at risk of disengagement and/or becoming NEET. 

Project staff in both teams work 1:1 with young people and provide bespoke, needs led support to equip the participants with the skills and confidence to progress into education, employment and training.

For more information on the range of support available, please contact a member of the I2A or I2W teams on 01495 766908 or email Twitter /Facebook @inspire2torfaen

Communities 4 Work (C4W)

For young people aged 16-24 who are NEET and who live in Communities First areas in Torfaen, the Communities 4 Work (C4W) team provide similar needs-led support for young people towards and into education; employment or training.

To contact the C4W team contact Victoria Dyer on 01495 762131; or

NEET Service Provision Mapping Tool

The following Tier System has been created to support professionals and young people alike, to easily access appropriate provision suited to their needs. This tiered is widely used throughout Wales and classed as an example of good practice.

A link has been provided to the Service Mapping Tool here. The Mapping tool indicates the provision offered in Torfaen and includes information on the eligibility criteria and contact details.

The directory will be updated annually in December to reflect changes in service provision.

NEET Service Provision Mapping Tool
TierDefinitionExamples of Service Providers within TierDescription


Young people in further education, employment and training

Schools, FE Colleges and WBL providers.

This cohort generally settled in Tier 5 without significant issues and not exhibiting signs of dropping out.  Support still available for transition planning, e.g. from Careers Wales, but main responsibility lies with provider.


Young people at risk of dropping out of EET

Schools, FE Colleges and WBL providers.  YEP Team, Learner Support Services in FE College, pastoral teams in schools, Learning Coaches.

Learners exhibiting signs of dropping-out and referred for support drawn from a range of services to prevent disengagement, including Careers Wales.


Additional EET support, advice and guidance

16/17 year olds - Careers Service

18+ - JCP

Agencies tasked to provide information, advice and guidance in relation to engaging in EET.


Engagement and intensive support

Youth Service, YEP Team, Learning Coaches, TYPSS,  Voluntary Sector, WCVA projects (till end June)

Emphasis on moving young people from” not engaging” to “ready to engage” and referral to Tier 3 support.


Status unknown

Youth Service, YEP Team, WCVA Projects

Currently lots of agencies trying to engage this cohort but with little coordination.  Careers Wales will try and engage Tier 1, but better coordination of work with Tier would enable Careers Wales to focus on Tier 3 intervention.

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