Forthcoming House to House Collections

The entries below relate to forthcoming House to House Collections taking place within the County Borough. Any queries should be directed to the Licensing Office on 01633 647284.

Forthcoming House to House Collections
CharityLicenseeStartsExpiresArea of CollectionExempt
HH0122 Breast Cancer Research Aid Irina Martin 01/03/19 30/10/19 Torfaen  
HH0123 Beads of Courage UK Nicholas John Kell 11/03/19 18/10/19 Torfaen  
HH0125 Cancer Support UK Steven Jenkinson 01/06/19 31/08/19 Torfaen  
HH0128 Children's Hearts Dovile Stasiuleviciene 01/06/19 31/08/19 Torfaen  
HH0131 Woodlands Cancer Care Dovile Stasiuleviciene 01/08/19 31/08/19 Torfaen  
HH0132 NSPCC Stephanie Gaffney 01/07/19 30/06/20 Torfaen Yes
HH0133 Samuel's Charity Inese Moncevica 01/07/19 31/07/19 Torfaen  
HH0134 National Hereditary Breast Cancer Helpline Inese Moncevica 01/07/19 31/07/19 Torfaen  

Exempt Collections

National exemption order (NEO) holders are exempted under section 3(1) of the House to House Collections Act 1939 from having to apply for individual collection licences from local authorities.  Where we are made aware of them, they will be listed in the table above and indicated in the "Exempt" column. 

The current list of national exemption order holders relating to house-to-house collections is available at

Revoked Licences

These collection licences have been revoked and are NOT AUTHORISED to collect

Revoked Licences
CharityLicenseeStartsExpiresArea of


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