Council Land and Property - Sale and Rental

From time to time Torfaen County Borough Council places land and property on the market for sale. We also have commercial properties available to rent throughout Torfaen.

A list of land and property for sale, land and property to let and properties for rental are available here. For further details please contact either our agent or the Asset Management Team as appropriate.

It is now council policy to publicise proposed land and property disposals even in cases where we believe there is no general market for a property. Although these properties are not being marketed to the general public, you are welcome to contact the asset management team if you have any queries on the proposed transactions listed. 

If you are interested in the possible purchase of land or property that is not currently being marketed, please contact the Asset Management Team.

Last Modified: 16/11/2020
For more information contact:

Asset Management

Tel: 01495 742662 / 742653


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