There are four cemeteries in Torfaen and the council aims to uphold the ‘Charter for the Bereaved’ throughout. The memorialisation options vary depending on the cemetery and section.

Grave personalisation is strictly enforced within the Torfaen Cemeteries and to avoid upset to you and your family it is important that you familiarise yourselves with the regulations

In recognition of rising funeral costs, Torfaen County Borough Council have put in place the Torfaen Funeral Service which is available to residents of the Borough. It is a fixed price funeral service which has been put out to tender to ensure that the best possible service is provided for the residents.

Llwyncelyn Cemetery

Llwyncelyn Cemetery, Llwyncelyn Drive, Hollybush, Cwmbran, Torfaen, NP44 7PF

Llwyncelyn cemetery was opened on 26 September 2011 and provides the following burial options:


This is a grassed area with a concrete raft at the head of the grave. The raft provides a firm foundation for a memorial to be placed without having to wait for the ground to settle. It also allows further interments to take place within the grave without the memorial having to be removed. Permitted items should be contained to the raft and NOT placed on the grass. This is to allow maintenance and upkeep of the section.


This is a dedicated area for the interment of babies and the cremated remains of babies. There is a concrete raft for a memorial to be placed. Contact the Cemetery Office for any further information.

Cremated remains

This area has a concrete raft for a memorial to be placed on. The interments take place in front of the raft in the area that is covered with stone chippings. There is space for 2 interments of cremated remains. Permitted items should be contained to the raft and NOT placed on the interment area.

Traditional kerb

Full kerbset memorials are permitted on this section.


This area is of significant ecological value and was chosen as a natural burial option. Due to the ecological significance of this field and the need to protect the habitat within it, no memorials or items on the grave body are allowed. We recommend that you telephone the cemetery office to discuss this option before making a final decision.

The cemetery and its fields rise above the houses of Hollybush and Coed Eva, providing panoramic views in all directions. The site is well used by the local community and is the largest example of flower rich meadows in Torfaen.

The cemetery has ancient woodlands within its boundaries and grass land of varying ecological value. A comprehensive ecological management plan has been written and implemented to maintain and improve the existing habitat, flora and fauna within the whole site.

There is a natural pond within the site which has been considerably improved plus two additional new ponds have been created.

Llwyncelyn cemetery was designated as a Local Nature Reserve (LNR) in February 2013. LNRs are for both people and wildlife, and are an important local resource for environmental education. They are places with wildlife that are of special interest locally and provide people with the opportunity to study and learn about them, or to simply enjoy and have contact with nature. They are for conservation, quiet enjoyment and public appreciation of nature.

Blaenavon cemetery

Varteg Road, Blaenavon.

Blaenavon cemetery was opened on August 2 1915 and is still operational.


All new graves are provided in what is referred to as the lawn sections of the cemetery. The older sections are full with no new graves available, however, additional burials in existing graves are carried out.

Cremated remains

There is a dedicated grassed cremated remains burial area in the lawn section which will facilitate the burial of up to four caskets of cremated remains.

Panteg Cemetery

The Highway, New Inn, Pontypool, Torfaen NP4 8HW.

Panteg cemetery was opened on July 23 1906 and closed for new burials in June 2012. It will continue to be operational for many years to facilitate additional burials in existing graves. There is availability in a section for memorials only i.e. there are no burials on this section.

There is a landscaped garden in Panteg cemetery which can be used for scattering cremated remains. A fee will apply for this. A scattering involves the cremated remains being loosely scattered over the grass within the garden. There are no markers for individual scatterings and it is likely that over time there could be multiple cremated remains scatterings in one place. Should you have any queries concerning this, please contact the Cemetery Office.

The only Chapel in Torfaen is located in Panteg cemetery which can accommodate approximately 70 people. A service can be booked in this Chapel for 30 minute intervals or longer if requested subject to availability of which a fee is payable. The Chapel can also be booked for a service irrespective if the burial is taking place in a cemetery in Torfaen or not.

There is an organ in the Chapel however, an organist will need to be arranged by the funeral director or the family if the Chapel is booked privately alternatively, you may wish to provide your own CD player.

Cwmbran Cemetery

Llantarnam Road, Cwmbran, Torfaen NP44 3BH

Cwmbran cemetery was opened on 5 October 1892 and has full graves along with a dedicated baby area. It is a full cemetery and as such, only additional burials in existing graves can take place. It can be quite tricky to find graves within this cemetery; if you encounter difficulties please contact the Cemetery Office.

Opening and closing of cemetery gates

Cemetery gates will be opened and closed at the following approximate times:

  • British summer time: open 9am - closed 7pm
  • All other times: open 9am - closed 5pm

Cemetery office

The cemetery office is based at Llwyncelyn Cemetery, Llwyncelyn Drive, Hollybush, Cwmbran, Torfaen, NP44 7PF, and administers all four cemeteries.

The cemetery office hours are:

  • Monday to Thursday - 8am - 4pm
  • Friday - 8am - 3.30pm

Please note that the office is closed on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays.

Burial service times

The following first and last times for a funeral is necessary to provide the cemetery staff with sufficient time to carry out the preparation before for a burial and the subsequent reinstatement in a professional, caring and dignified manner:

  • First burial is 10am Monday to Friday
  • Last burial is 3pm Monday to Thursday and 2.30pm on a Friday

We provide reasonable flexibility in burial times during any day however availability will depend on other services which may have already been booked.

Burial of cremated remains in an existing grave

New burials in lawn or kerb graves will be either a single depth grave to facilitate the burial of one coffin, or a double depth grave for two coffins. The current burial policy also permits the additional burial of up to six caskets of cremated remains after a burial in a single depth grave has taken place, or the second burial in a double depth grave.

The benefit of this service is to meet the needs, for example, of a son or daughter who may decide at a later date that they would like to be buried with their parents or another relative. However, please note that permission will need to be given by the grave owner or a transfer of the burial rights will be required if the grave owner is deceased.

Another benefit is that by choosing burial in an existing gave, you will not incur the purchase cost of a new grave.

It is worthwhile noting however, that the memorial may not facilitate any further additional inscriptions on the front of the headstone. An option would be to have an additional inscription on the back of the headstone, or on the base of the headstone - this is a personal decision.

Adverse weather

In the event of adverse weather conditions, the council reserves the right to close all cemetery gates. This is for the safety of the cemetery, staff and visitors. Therefore if anyone enters a cemetery after they have been closed, the council accepts no responsibility as they do so at their own risk.


Dogs are allowed in all cemeteries but must be kept on a short lead at all times. The owner is responsible for removing any dog fouling off site.

Last Modified: 11/09/2023
For more information contact:

Cemetery Office

Tel: 01495 766150
Fax: 01633 647328

Email: cemeteryenquiries@torfaen.gov.uk

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