Cemetery Service

The Council’s Cemetery Service is responsible for Blaenavon Cemetery, Cwmbran Cemetery, Llwyncelyn Cemetery and Panteg Cemetery. 

The office is based at Llwyncelyn Cemetery,  Llwyncelyn Drive, Hollybush, Cwmbran, Torfaen, NP44 7PF.

The opening times are:   

  • Monday to Thursday - 8am - 4pm 
  • Friday - 8am - 3.30pm 

Please note that the office is closed on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays. 

Burials take place between 10am and 3pm, Monday to Thursday, and between 10am and 2.30pm on a Friday. 

You can contact the service by visiting the office or by contacting 01495 766150 or cemeteryenquiries@torfaen.gov.uk.  

Cemetery maintenance  

Graves are levelled and re-grassed six months after burial. Turf is used during the winter and seed in spring and summer. 

If you wish to returf or reseed a loved one's grave, please contact the Cemetery Office.   

Grass cutting takes place on a fortnightly cycle, from April to September, however there can be delays if burials are due to take place when grass cutting is scheduled.  

The meadow area at Llwyncelyn is cut twice a year. Other selected areas are managed to support biodiversity.     

If you have concerns about sunken graves, please contact the Cemetery Office. 

Grave ownership 

Grave ownership can be solely or jointly held. Only the owner or owners can decide who is buried in the grave, type of memorial and any additional inscriptions. Ownership of graves purchased after August 2001 must be renewed after 75 years, or it will revert to the council.  

If you wish to transfer ownership of a grave, please contact the Cemetery Office.  

Graves cannot be purchased in advance. 

If you are a grave owner, please notify the Cemetery Office of any change of address.  

The following items are not permitted on graves for safety and environmental reasons and to ensure the tranquillity of the cemetery: 

  • Candles
  • Glass
  • Balloons
  • Stone chippings other than those placed by cemetery staff
  • Items that make a noise or emit light
  • Artificial grass without prior consent
  • Any plant over 500mm in height
  • Anything placed in a tree or hedge

Families will be contacted in writing once and requested to remove unauthorised items from graves. Any items not removed will be taken away and held in storage for one month. Any other unauthorised additions will be removed without notice.  

Unauthorised items placed near graves, including those placed in trees and hedges, will be removed by cemetery staff.  

Christmas wreaths will be removed by staff after 31 January. 


A memorial mason can advise on suitable memorials for your chosen cemetery. It is the responsibility of the grave owner to maintain a memorial. Any cleaning or repairs should be carried out by a memorial mason. 

If cemetery staff see a memorial that looks unsteady, for health and safety reasons, they will place it down on the grave. 

To request a memorial or additional inscription, download the Memorial Application Form and send it to memorials@torfaen.gov.uk

Memorial Masons frequently do this on behalf of grave owners. 

To purchase a memorial plaque on a cemetery bench, please contact the Cemetery Office. 

Last Modified: 13/03/2024
For more information contact:

Cemetery Office

Tel: 01495 766150

Email: cemeteryenquiries@torfaen.gov.uk

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