Placemaking Wales Charter

In February 2023, Torfaen Council signed up to the Placemaking Wales Charter, which sets out a number of principles when designing and planning new developments in our communities.

As a signatory to the charter, the council has pledged to:

  • involve the local community in the development of proposals
  • choose sustainable locations for new development
  • prioritise walking, cycling and public transport
  • create inclusive, well defined, safe and welcoming streets and public spaces
  • promote a sustainable mix of uses to make places vibrant
  • and value and respect the positive, distinctive qualities and identity of existing places.

The Placemaking Wales Charter was developed by the Welsh Government and the Design Commission for Wales, together with organisations working within the built and natural environment.

Placemaking Wales Charter in action

We are already addressing and delivering many of these outcomes as evidenced by 21st Century Schools Programme, public realm improvements, town centre strategies and regeneration schemes. These projects involve collaboration across a number of teams and service areas, all of whom are working towards objectives and goals in line with placemaking.

The council’s Local Development Plan also introduced a placemaking policy for new developments, which requires developers to recognise the local natural and built environment when considering design and materials.

Wellbeing Objectives

The basis for placemaking as a concept is the improvement and management of places for the benefit of individuals, communities and the environment. In that respect, placemaking supports the wellbeing objectives in the council’s Future Torfaen County Plan by considering education and skills; young people and families; inequality; connectivity between people and their communities; the climate and nature emergencies; Torfaen’s economy; mental and physical well-being; local culture and heritage; and the provision of customer focused services.

More information 

For more information visit the Design Commission for Wales website.

Last Modified: 08/09/2023
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