Recycling crew gives first aid

Posted on: Friday 31 May 2024
Helpful crew cropped

A woman has thanked a three-man recycling crew who rushed to her aid when she fell.

Julie Carson, from Coleridge Green, in Cwmbran, had just walked past the crew on their round when she stumbled and fell face-first in the street.

Ben Lawrence, Gareth Miller and Morgan McAnsh arrived to help her within seconds, cleaned her cuts and stayed with her until a family member arrived.

Julie, who works as an adminstrator for Gwent Police, said: "It was about 8.30am and I was on my way to meet my mum on Shakespeare Road. I saw the crew and said hello - they do a difficult job, but they always smile and wave.

"The next thing I knew I was face down on the floor. I could see my bag was in the road and my glasses had fallen off but before I could even think about being embarrassed, they were next to me. 

"One picked up my bag and glasses, one went to get a first aid kit from the truck, and another helped me to stand up and held my while I steadied myself.

"I had cuts on my chin, hands and face so they helped cleaned the blood away, tried to take the gravel off and put some plasters on.

"One of them went to find my mum and brought her to me and then helped me into the car. I can't thank the crew enough. They didn't just help me up, they stayed and looked after me and I will be forever grateful."

Julie, who has a knee problem, is not sure what caused her to fall on Thursday last week, but the council’s Highways Team is to carry out an inspection of the pavement.  

She still has cuts from where she fell but did not need to see a doctor.

Ben, who together with Gareth and Morgan delivered flowers to Julie on Friday, said: "We saw Julie walk past us and then when we turned the corner, Gareth noticed she was on the floor.

"We jumped out and gave her basic first aid. We just treated her like we would want to be treated ourselves." 

Mark Thomas, Deputy Chief Officer Economy and Environment, said: "Ben, Gareth and Morgan are valued members of our recycling crew and we are very proud of how quickly they responded, and the care and attention they gave Julie.

"I am pleased Julie was not serious injured and we wish her well in her recovery."

(Photo L-R: Morgan McAnsh, Gareth Miller, Julie Carson, Ben Lawrence)

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