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Posted on: Tuesday 11 June 2024
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The founder of an international primary school programme has praised a local school. 

Our Lady of the Angels RC Primary School, in Cwmbran, has been teaching Roots of Empathy lessons in Years 3 and 4 since 2019. 

The initiative helps pupils learn about emotions and empathy by letting them follow the development of a baby, between the ages of four and 11 months old. It allows them to spend time with the baby in their classroom and ask the parent questions.

Earlier this year, founder and social entrepreneur Mary Gordon travelled from Canada to visit the school to find out how the programme was helping children.

She said: “This is a very special school the children are so kind to each other. No child is left out and they all work and play together beautifully. You should be so proud.”

Headteacher Ceri Prosser said: "Through Roots of Empathy our children learn that we are all made in the same but have differences which are to be celebrated.

"They extend their knowledge and understanding of different emotions and how these are experienced differently by people. The programme also gives them the vocabulary to express themselves and their feelings in an appropriate way.

"Many of the babies go on to be pupils at our school which is really special as the older children often recognise them."  

The programme has been so successful, the school is now planning to launch Seeds of Empathy aimed at younger pupils in September. 

Year 3 pupil Toby said: “It teaches us how to think about how we were when we were young and how to be kind to each other. It is calming when Miss reads the story to us. We have learnt to look at people’s faces to know how they may be feeling."

Harriet said: "I enjoy the lesson because watching the baby grow is so interesting. We have learnt about milestones, and we all work hard to reach them. Help and support is important to reach milestones."

Eden added: “We have learnt how babies develop and things that are safe and unsafe for children. We have learnt that kindness is important and love grows our hearts and minds."

The Roots of Empathy programme is just one of the ways the school provides a diverse learning experience to ensure pupils to enjoy attending school. 

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