Nappy Library launches in Torfaen

Posted on: Thursday 25 April 2024

Did you know that in the first year of their life a baby will produce around 78 bin bags full of disposable nappies?  

Disposable nappies collected in Torfaen are sent for incineration which are turned into energy to power local communities. 

Reusable nappies have a much lower environmental impact than disposable nappies and work out cheaper in the long run for parents.  

Parents and carers who are thinking about using reusable nappies now have the chance to try them out for a small fee before committing to buying.  

Cloth nappies can be trialled for a month for a small fee of £10 plus a refundable £25 deposit from our partner Nappy Library by Wastesavers. The kits include 25 cloth nappies, wet bags and liners, plus expert advice. Nappies are available to fit babies from 2.5kg/5lbs up to 15kg/36lbs 

If money is an issue, free bundles of cloth nappies are available on a long-term hire basis that families can take advantage of, saving money and the environment.  

Laura Steggles, Nappy Library Project Coordinator, said: “One baby can use between 5,000 and 6,000 disposal nappies by the time they are potty trained which is a huge amount.  

“In comparison parents or carers using reusable nappies would only need around 20 to 25.  

“Reusable nappies cost a few pounds each to buy initially and need to be laundered, but they can save parents around £200 to £500 over 2.5 years for their first baby and even more if re-used for subsequent children.  

“I’m here to run monthly drop-in sessions, but I am always contactable through my Facebook page if anyone has any questions about reusable nappies. 

“I’m also trying to visit as many children related groups as possible to give talks, so if anyone knows of a group who would be interested, please get in touch.”  

Councillor Mandy Owen, Executive Member for the Environment, said: “Using reusable nappies can be overwhelming if you are a new parent or have a number of children, but reusable nappies these days are much easier to use and more convenient.   

“The council has provided new parents with a £30 voucher to purchase reusable nappies for the past few years, but it’s fantastic to have Laura on board to give parents help and advice.” 

Laura’s next drop-in session coincides with this year’s Reusable Nappy Week which takes place between Monday 22 April until Sunday 28 April.   

The week aims to raise awareness about the benefits of reusable nappies, and includes events, special offers and fun educational activities which will be held across the UK and online.  

The week of action will advocate the positive impact of reusable nappies, not only for the environment but also for household budgets.  

To find out more and how to get involved, visit the Reusable Nappy Week website and Newport Nappy Library by Wastesavers on Facebook, and follow #ReusableNappyWeek on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.  

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