Trees targeted by vandals

Posted on: Thursday 7 September 2023
Five trees have been deliberately vandalised in Cwmbran over the recent months.

Two mature Oak trees in Manorbier Drive and Fair Oaks Lane, and a mature Maple tree in Crown Rise were deliberately drilled and poisoned. Additionally, two trees in Llanyrafon Square and Caernarfon Crescent had a substantial portion of their bark removed from around the entire trunk.

As a consequence of these deliberate acts of vandalism, many of these trees have had to be removed entirely, while the remaining ones are being closely monitored for safety.

Councillor Mandy Owen, Executive Member for the Environment, said: “The Council and Bron Afon Community Housing have both seen an increase in deliberate damage to trees recently, which is very upsetting.

“Not only does it make them unstable which can be dangerous to the public and surrounding properties, but it can also mean that any wildlife living in the trees will have to relocate.

“We are urging the public to be vigilant and report anyone causing damage to the trees.”

Simon Morgan, Bron Afon Community Housing, Places and Spaces Manager, said: “Damaging trees is a criminal act under Section 1(1) of the Criminal Damage Act 1971.

“It is frightening to think people have so little regard for their safety or the safety of the public, and that they would deliberately damage a tree to the extent of killing it with all the risks that will pose. It is deeply irresponsible and wrong. It is difficult to understand why anyone would think this was acceptable”.

If you have any information about the attacks on the trees in Llanyrafon please contact Bron Afon or the Council. Current incidents should be reported to the police via the non-emergency number, 101 as they are happening.” Ends

To find out why trees are so important watch the Cariad Coed video or read the council’s tree management strategy.  

Planting trees is part of the council’s County Plan to respond climate and nature emergencies, and to make improvements to the local environment. Read the County Plan to find out more.  

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