Centre puts young Welsh learners on right path

Posted on: Friday 20 October 2023
Leo - Carreg Lam (Edited)

Since opening its doors earlier this year, Torfaen’s Welsh immersion centre has seen 18 pupils supported to learn the Welsh language to transition from English to Welsh mainstream education.

Carreg Lam, which means ‘stepping stone’, opened in April and helps learners aged 7 to 11, looking to enter Welsh-medium education at a later stage.  

Nine-year-old Leo, was part of the first cohort in the summer term of 2023 and has now transitioned into Welsh mainstream classes at Ysgol Gymraeg Cwmbran.

Following the 12-week long programme, Leo is now being supported for another 12 weeks by Carreg Lam staff in conjunction with school staff, to help to continue to boost his confidence.

Mr Price, Leo’s teacher, said: “Before starting Carreg Lam, Leo lacked confidence and did not feel comfortable with the Welsh language. After a few weeks I saw a big change: Leo's confidence had grown.

“He was willing to come up to me and discuss what he had done that day and to talk about what he was doing the next day and at the weekend to incorporate the Welsh language. By now Leo has settled wonderfully back into the classroom and is fully integrated.”

Leo’s mum, Melissa, said: “Previously Leo was extremely shy, but now he feels confident both in school and during social situations outside of school. He’s now eager and willing to engage in Welsh reading with me too. Leo has inspired me to learn Welsh and I begin my course next week.”

The centre now is looking to reserve places for its next set of pupils to start in December.

To apply or for more information about Welsh language education with Carreg Lam, visit: www.carreg-lam.com or contact carreg-lam@torfaen.gov.uk

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