Torfaen school receives beaming report.

Posted on: Tuesday 28 November 2023

A Welsh medium primary school in Pontypool has received an exceptional report from Estyn inspectors this week.

Inspectors visited Ysgol Panteg Primary School in September and found the school to be an “inclusive and diverse learning community”, highlighting that pupils are able to “develop their literacy, numeracy and digital skills robustly”.

The report, published yesterday, mentioned the robust systems and support in place to support children’s educational progress, wellbeing and additional needs.

The school was hailed for its ‘Panteg Four’ values, which commits to “being kind, to being a co-supportive family, to being fired up and ambitious”, and is embedded across all school activities.

The report also praised staff for providing a wide range of purposeful support to meet pupils’ needs.

It said: "Staff work together highly effectively to meet pupils’ needs. They are good language models and encourage pupils to take pride in their Welshness.”

“Staff create an exceptionally warm and safe learning environment where pupils feel that they are valued.”

Headteacher Matthew Williamson-Dicken said: “We’ve been so excited to be able to share this report because of all it says about Ysgol Panteg. As the Headteacher of the school, I am beyond proud of every single individual in our family – child, family members, and staff.

Estyn’s comprehensive report reflects the culmination of collaborative efforts from dedicated educators, motivated children, and supportive families, highlighting the exceptional qualities that define our school.

Inspectors praised Teulu Panteg’s efforts in creating an environment that celebrates individual differences, fostering a sense of belonging for every child – this is something we are so passionate about and it’s the foundation of what we do, therefore we are so pleased that the inspectors recognised this in their report.”

The inspectors made two recommendations:  

- To ensure regular opportunities for pupils to take more responsibility for their learning and develop to become independent learners.

- To ensure an appropriate level of challenge to support pupils to expand their skills to the best of their ability.

Councillor Richard Clark, Executive Member for Children, Families and Education, said: "I am delighted to congratulate Ysgol Panteg on their outstanding Estyn report. This is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the headteacher, staff, pupils, and parents who have created a vibrant and nurturing learning environment.

“The school’s ‘Panteg Four’ values are inspiring and reflect the school’s commitment to excellence, kindness, and Welsh identity. The school is a shining example of the high quality of Welsh medium education in Torfaen and I am proud of their achievements.”

The school will now put in an action plan to address Estyn’s recommendations.       

A full copy of the report can be found on the Estyn website: Ysgol Panteg | Estyn (

Parents who are considering transitioning their children to Welsh medium education, can learn more by visiting the Carreg Lam website.

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