Support for children with vision impairment

Posted on: Tuesday 8 March 2022
vision impaired

Children and young people with vision impairments will be given more support to live and learn independently, thanks to the introduction of a new curriculum framework.

They will be taught a range of independent learning, mobility, everyday living and social communication skills as part of their development.

Whilst these skills have always been taught to children with vision impairment in Torfaen and the rest of South East Wales, the new framework will help to prioritise them across all regions. 

 SenCom supports around 360 children with vision impairment and their families, from birth to 19 years of age. The new framework will be introduced to guide the work of SenCom in all schools across the South EastWales region.

A virtual launch event for people who work in the sector and families will be held on Tuesday 15 March.

Sarah Hughes, Head of Vision Impairment at SenCom, the regional service hosted by Torfaen Council, who will be taking part in the event, said: “We are very excited by the introduction of a UK-wide curriculum framework, that is focussed on the skills that those with vision impairment need to acquire throughout their childhood and education.

“Working towards the outcomes of this framework, will give our children and young people the best chance of success in adult life.”

Anyone wishing to learn more about the new curriculum can register to attend the event online. The event is free and will start at 12pm via Microsoft Teams. 

You can find out more about the CFVI and wider project here.

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