Youth service serves up Christmas fun

Posted on: Thursday 22 December 2022
Youth Service xmas dinner 2022 kitchen
Youth workers served Christmas dinner to around 40 young people and family members this week.

For some of those attending yesterday, it will be the only Christmas dinner they will have, although many were also given a take-away dinner to have on Christmas Day.

Its the eighth year the Torfaen Young People’s Support Service and Torfaen Youth Service have organised the Christmas party for the 16 to 25 year olds, at Mount Pleasant Hall in Pontnewydd, Cwmbran. 

During the Covid pandemic, staff continued to cook Christmas dinners but delivered them instead. It provided so successful, they continued to deliver meals to young people until Spring 2021.

One young person said: "‘The Christmas meal is an amazing part of being a foster kid as you get to meet people like yourself and all the staff are so welcoming." 

Another added: It was amazing and the food was brilliant." 

Matthew Williams, youth worker and lead cook, said the team were very pleased they could celebrate Christmas with the young people in person again.  

He said: "It was a busy day but we love it. We started preparing the day before and then we started at 8am on the day and the party finished around 5pm.

"Some of the young people brought their children or siblings. For some, it was a chance to celebrate Christmas with brothers or sisters who might be in care and for many it was the only chance they will have to spend time with their families.

"The staff also get the chance to sit down and eat with the young people which we always enjoy."

Kate Phillips, manager of the council’s Torfaen Young People’s Support Service, said: "The TYPSS Christmas dinner continues to be an important tradition for staff and young people supported by our service.

"It is a chance for us to get together and celebrate Christmas in a way that includes everyone. Matt’s cooking is always of the best quality so that’s a big reason for attendance too!"

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