Second Thrifty School Shop event a success

Posted on: Thursday 18 August 2022

The second Thrifty School Shop which was held at Pontypool Indoor Market yesterday was a success - people were turning up early to get in!

A whopping 842 items were donated ranging from school shoes to shirts, and many left taking away what they were looking for.

"Absolutely brilliant" and "I can't believe it's free" were just a few comments from satisfied customers.

The Council like to thank everyone who donated items for the event, everyone who came along to the event, and all of our partners who helped make this event a success. This includes donation points, and Trac2 who sorted, cleaned and prepared all of the items too.

If you are concerned about the cost of living, head on over to our website for some helpful information

If you didn’t have chance to attend any of our Thrifty School Shops, and are looking for support with school uniform costs you may be eligible for the eligible for the Welsh Governments Pupil Development Grant. Check your eligibility and apply here

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