Club Development

Torfaen's Sports Development Team is investing in its clubs and now has an officer to specifically target clubs and support their development.

Whether consolidating or expanding, recruiting more members or improving services for existing members every club should take a moment to stop and think.

The benefits of this could include: 

  • Defining and prioritising its aims and aspirations for the future
  • Using club resources (people, money, facilities) more effectively
  • Improving morale by involving members in decision making
  • Improving your chances of receiving funding support, such as Local grant aid
  • A more professional approach
  • Accredit your club to the local authority or national governing body
  • Support attracting new players/members
  • Improve or develop relationships with local schools, the local authority/community

For more information or to register your club with the Club Development Programme and get support, please contact the Sports Development Team on 01633 628965.

Club Solutions Wales

Clubs are the lifeblood of sport in Wales and this is why Sport Wales has been working with local authorities to develop online support hub for new and established clubs. The intention is to provide an online resource that will hopefully help your club and volunteers develop and thrive, with some help from your local sport development officers.

This website is packed full of guidance and free to download policies and planning tools. For more information follow the link

Last Modified: 05/12/2018
For more information contact:

Sports Development

Tel: 01633 628965


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