Allotment gardening provides an affordable source of fruit and vegetables which are an essential part of a healthy diet, and is a rewarding past-time which improves the quality of people’s lives.

There is no denying that the initial effort that may be required to achieve the necessary standard of cultivation on an allotment plot can appear to be quite demanding, however, once achieved, the rewards of growing your own produce and the health benefits far outweigh the efforts put in.

Some of the benefits associated with allotment gardening are:

  • A source of affordable good quality food
  • A physical recreational activity providing health benefits
  • Being a part of an allotment community and the sharing of a wealth of knowledge with differing age groups

Not every resident in Torfaen has the luxury of having a large enough garden to afford an area for growing fruit and vegetables.  Any resident in Torfaen may wish to consider applying for an allotment, however, they allotments are in high demand and there is likely to be a waiting list.

Where a site or an area within a site is regarded as being suitable, provision has been allocated to cater for those with disabilities.  The individual needs of a disabled person will be considered by the site secretary.

There are 41 allotment sites in Torfaen which are self-managed under a Devolved Management Agreement.  They are managed under one of the following two Allotment Associations:

  • Cwmbran South Allotments Association who manage 21 allotment sites in the South of the Borough
  • Eastern Valley Allotments Association who manage 20 allotment sites in the North of the Borough

The sites and the area they are located in are:

Allotment sites in Torfaen
Cwmbran South AssociationEastern Valley Association
Bryn-Ys-Gawen Croesyceiliog Poplar Avenue New Inn
Bryn Gomer Croesyceiliog Greenway Griffithstown
Woodland Road Croesyceiliog ST Mary’s Griffithstown
Afon Terrace Croesyceiliog Stafford Road Griffithstown
Greywater Llanyravon Blaendare Road Pontypool
Millwater Llanyravon Lower Park Gardens Penygarn
Lightwood Oakfield Penygarn 1 Penygarn
South Road Llantarnam Penygarn 2 Penygarn
Trellech Close Old Cwmbran Woodside Road 1 Trevethin
Talgarth Close Old Cwmbran Woodside Road 2 Trevethin
Coed Eva 1 Coed Eva Penywain Penywain
Coed Eva 2 Coed Eva Fowlers Field Wainfelin
Coed Eva 3 Coed Eva Grove Road Pontnewynydd
Coed Eva 4 Oaksford Lewis Field Pontnewynydd
Ty Canol Fairwater Mount Pleasant Pontnewynydd
Greenmeadow Greenmeadow Pentwyn Pentwyn
Ty Gwyn Greenmeadow Garndiffaith Garndiffaith
Maendy Farm Upper Cwmbran Williams Field Cwmavon
Ty Newydd Pontnewydd Llanover Road Blaenavon
Clarke Avenue Pontnewydd Castle Street Blaenavon
Brook Street Pontrhydyrun    

What are the Allotment Associations responsible for?

Each Association is responsible for the day to day management of their respective sites.  Some of their responsibilities include:

  • Managing the budget
  • Maintaining waiting lists
  • Letting of plots
  • Issuing of Annual Tenancy Agreements
  • Collection of rents
  • Maintenance/improvements on their sites
  • Monitoring and control of water usage
  • Dealing with allotment disputes
  • Termination of a Tenancy

How much is the rent for an allotment plot?

There is an annual fee for renting an allotment plot which can be subject to review.  The total fee is made up of the following:

  • Insurance cover
  • Membership of the National Society Allotment & Leisure Gardening
  • Rental charge per 25M2
  • Membership of the relevant Allotment Association i.e. Eastern Valley or Cwmbran Allotment Association.
  • Administration

An individual allotment site may include an additional fee to assist with the development or administration of their site.  The Site Secretary or a member of the Allotment Association Group will provide an explanation and breakdown of all associated charges.

Tenancy Agreement

Every allotment Tenant is required to pay the rental fee and sign a Tenancy Agreement every year.  The Tenancy Agreement contains the main rules which an allotment Tenant is required to adhere to, however, a Tenancy Agreement should always be read in conjunction with the Site Secretaries Handbook.  Please see Tenancy Agreement which can be subject to review.

Site Secretaries Handbook

The Site Secretaries Handbook contains the rules and standards to which all allotment sites and tenants are required to adhere to including the disputes procedure.  Please see Site Secretaries Handbook which can be subject to review.

Please note: It is the responsibility of a Tenant to make themselves familiar with the terms and conditions of their Tenancy Agreement and the Site Secretaries Handbook.

How are all the Allotment Sites Managed?

All allotment sites are managed under a Devolved Management Agreement under one of two of the above mentioned associations otherwise referred to as the Allotment Association Group which consists of the following:

  • Association Secretary
  • Association Chair
  • Association Treasurer
  • Co-opted members

The Association Group are responsible for the day to day management of all the allotment sites under their jurisdiction.  Bi Monthly meetings take place between the association groups and the Council’s Allotments Officer of which there is a Chair and Councillor.

Please note: Because the Associations are Self-Managed, the Council’s Allotments Officer will not get involved in any disputes.  Please see the Site Secretaries Handbook – “Disputes Procedure”.

How is an individual allotment site managed?

Each site has a democratically elected Site Secretary, Treasurer and Committee members.  All allotment Tenants are accountable to these people.

There are specific standards and conduct which must be met.  The site secretary or committee members will be able to provide guidance regarding all aspects of the site rules etc.  Once again, it is a Tenants responsibility to ensure he or she is fully aware of the rules in the Tenancy Agreement, the Site Secretaries Handbook or any additional individual site rules.

It is important to note that a breach of any of the above could result in the immediate termination of a Tenancy and the Tenant can be asked to immediately leave the site.

How do I apply for an allotment?

You can apply using either of the following options:

  1. Visit the site or sites of your choice and ask to speak to the Site Secretary who will take your details and contact you when an allotment becomes available.
  2. Email or telephone 01633 648035.  You will need to provide the following information:
  • Full name
  • Your preferred area or
  • The name of your preferred site or sites
  • A telephone number

The above details will be passed on to the relevant allotments association who manage the waiting list and they will contact you when an allotment plot is available.

How long will I have to wait for an allotment?

It is not possible to provide a time-scale for when an allotment will become available.  The availability will depend on when an existing allotment tenant relinquishes their plot.

In addition to the above, if you choose more than one site, it will increase the likelihood of obtaining an allotment plot.

How can I become a member of the Site Committee or Association Group?

Over time, some allotment Tenants become passionate about the site and how it is run and therefore may feel they would like to contribute to the development and running of the site.  All such interests should be expressed to the Site Secretary or Committee who will welcome the interest.  Each site will democratically vote in members.

This same process will apply for anyone interested in becoming a member of the Association Group.

Last Modified: 28/03/2022
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