Children Looked After

The term 'looked after' was introduced by the Children Act in 1989 and means that a child is the responsibility of the local council. Children who are looked after are often described as being ‘in care’. 

A child becomes looked after for many different reasons. Many will have been affected by distressing and damaging experiences including physical and sexual abuse and neglect. 

Some may be in care because of the illness or death of a parent. Others may have disabilities and complex needs. The majority of young people in care come from families who experience hardship and are separated from them because their family was unable to provide adequate care. 

We try to find a suitable place for children who are looked after within their wider family whenever possible. Where it is not possible, we try to find a foster home that will meet the needs of the child. 

Wherever possible we aim to place the child as close to Torfaen as possible. Our priority however, is that the placement meets the child's needs. 

Every young person in care has his/her own social worker and wherever possible, social services will work in partnership with the parents. 

Many children and young people who become looked after retain strong links with their families and many eventually return home.

Last Modified: 01/09/2022
For more information contact:

Family Placement Team

Tel: 01495 762200 


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