School Performance Data

We realise that access to information on school performance is important for parents and carers to make informed decisions when choosing a school for their child. This needs to be up to date, accurate and easily accessible. All this information is available on a website called My Local School .

My Local School is a website designed and run by the Welsh Government to open up access to schools data for parents and all others with an interest in their local school.

The site contains a wealth of data including school results, pupil numbers, attendance and staffing and finance information. The information is presented in a clear and simple format.

My Local School allows on-line access to detailed data about the performance of a school and to help parents understand more about their local school.

Some of the Key Features include:

  • bilingual access to information on individual schools
  • postcode search displaying schools within a local area
  • a summary of each school - a data sketch of a school at a glance
  • a direct link to the school's most recent Estyn report - the link is located at the top right hand side of a school page
  • option to view information as a table or chart
  • flexible charts - by clicking the items in the chart legend the user is able to customise the display of the chart
  • access to curriculum choices offered to the school at key stage 4 (GCSE)
  • glossary - in the glossary you will find an explanation of the key stages of education in Wales
  • frequently asked questions

We think that you will find this site useful so please have a look and see what you think.

Last Modified: 05/12/2018
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