Schools Literacy & Resource Centre

The Schools Literacy & Resource Centre (SLRC) provides a loans and advisory service for Primary and Secondary schools, nurseries, school improvement officers and home tutors in Monmouthshire and Torfaen.

Individuals can borrow up to 60 books; also story sacks, DVDs, talking books, photo packs and large format books to support the curriculum. Schools and nurseries receive a collection of fiction books for Home-School reading to be placed in the classroom or kept centrally in the school library; also various artefact collections.

A professionally qualified adviser can visit schools and help set up, re-organize and promote the school library. Training in information skills, reader development and improving literacy can be booked either for a general staff meeting or as part of a school training day.

Last Modified: 05/12/2018
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Schools Literacy & Resource Centre

Tel: 01633 644565 / 644562

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