European Policy & External Funding Services

The Team can provide advice and guidance in the development of external funding applications by:

  • Discussing funding requirements and advising which funders are most likely to assist.
  • Reviewing draft application forms and giving advice/suggestions on possible improvements. 
  • Tracking new sources of grants, changes to existing funding sources and forwarding alerts on forthcoming deadlines. 
  • Providing updates and alerts on current and future policies and priorities.
  • Conducting searches of all UK, Lottery and European Union grants and awards available. 
  • Assisting the Local Authority, Private and Third Sector organisations in the development of innovative external funding applications.
  • Linking similar/related proposed bids together to avoid project duplication and maximise funding opportunities. 
  • Providing advice and guidance on all aspects of externally funded project management, delivery and evaluation. 
  • Providing up to date information on available external funding across the Local Authority.
  • Promoting & marketing external funding opportunities.
Last Modified: 07/01/2022
For more information contact:

European Policy & External Funding

Tel: 01495 742143 / 01495 742142 


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