Registering a stillbirth

The stillbirth of a child needs to be formally registered. We appreciate how difficult this can be for parents at an extremely emotional time.

A still born child is a child born after the 24th week of pregnancy who did not breathe or show any other signs of life.  When a child is still born, the midwife or doctor will issue a medical certificate of still birth which will be used to register the stillbirth. This gives parents the opportunity to have their child officially acknowledged.

Where and when must I register a Still birth?

You can register a stillbirth with the register office in the district where the birth occurred, or you can go to any register office in England and Wales and make a declaration of the information required. Please note that registering a stillbirth by declaration may mean a delay in receiving the paperwork necessary to allow the funeral to take place.

If the stillbirth occurs at the Grange University Hospital, registration can sometimes be carried out at the hospital before the mother is discharged. The midwives at the hospital will be able to advise you on the procedure for this.

Who can register a still birth?

Either parent of the baby can register provided they were married / civil partners at the time of the still birth. 

If they were not married/civil partners, both parents will need to attend in order for both parents' details to be included in the birth register and on the birth certificate. 

If only the mother of the baby can attend, only her details will appear in the register. If the father / parent is not present, their details will not be recorded in the registration.

If the parents are unable to attend there are other people who can register the still birth and our staff will be pleased to explain the options.

Please contact us on 01495 742132 for further guidance.

Information required for the registration

In addition to the medical certificate issued by the midwife or doctor, you will need to provide the following information:

  • The place and date of birth of the baby
  • If the parents wish to name the baby, the name and surname
  • The sex of the baby
  • The names, surnames, place of birth and occupation of the parents
  • The mother's maiden name (if applicable)

You will be asked to check the information recorded very carefully and to sign to confirm that it is correct. It is important that the information recorded is accurate, as the correction of errors discovered after the register has been signed may cause delay, inconvenience and unnecessary distress. Fees may also be applicable.

What documents will I receive following the registration?

Following the registration you will receive the following:

  • a certificate that includes any names that were given to the child, the date of the still birth, the name of the parent or parents signing the register and the registration district in which the still birth occurred
  • A still birth certificate - this is an exact copy of the entry in the register
  • A free certificate for burial or cremation - this is the certificate you need to pass to the funeral director arranging the funeral

Do I have to pay a fee?

No.  The service is free of charge. 

Last Modified: 23/03/2022
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