Young people shape council decisions

Wedi ei bostio ar Dydd Iau 23 Mai 2024
Take over day #NIMO Eng

A group of secondary school pupils swapped their classrooms for the council's boardroom this week as part of the council's first-ever Young People's Take Over Day.

14 pupils from Croesyceiliog School, Cwmbran High School and West Monmouth School  applied to take over five leadership roles yesterday: Chief Executive, Deputy Chief Executive, Children and Families Director, Adult and Communities Director and Head of Communications, Engagement and Civil Contingencies.

The day began with a leadership team meeting where they agreed a series of actions on school attendance, behaviour and the council's Raise the Rate campaign.

They also met with the council's HR team to help shape the council's work experience and apprenticeship programme, and got the chance to quiz the real Chief Executive, Stephen Vickers, about what is being done to support schools and pupils, especially those with mental or emotional issues.

The day concluded with a Policy Development Forum where they met and made recommendations to the council's cabinet members.

Young Chief Executive Marcella, Year 10 pupil at Croesyceiliog School, said: "I really enjoyed getting an insight and learning about what the council does. I feel we were listened to and our views were taken seriously."

Fellow young Chief Executive Oliver, year 8 pupil at Cwmbran High, added: "I want to be a leader in the future so it's been a really good experience. We came up with a number of actions and I can't wait to come back in September to see what has happened."

Chief Executive Stephen Vickers said: "It's been a pleasure to work alongside such a bright and engaging group of young people.

“It is vital we take young people’s views into account when we are making decisions and I hope this will become an annual event and form part of a range of measures to engage young people, including through our youth forum and plans for a new youth alliance.

“It is also important young people know we are listening to them, so we will be meeting with these young people again in September to update them on our progress against the actions they recommended."

Cllr Richard Clark, Executive Member for Children, Families and Education, added: “I would like to congratulate the young people who joined us today on being fantastic ambassadors for their schools and peers.

"I would like to invite young people to spend time with myself and my fellow cabinet members to get an insight into the political process and hopefully encourage them to consider standing for election in the future.”

The day, which was supported by the council’s Children and Young People’s Participation and Engagement Officer, the Education Service and Youth Service, ended with a discussion about future Young People Take Over Days, including what they enjoyed about the day and suggestions of what could be improved.

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