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Posted on: Wednesday 29 November 2023

More than half of food businesses in Torfaen display the highest level of cleanliness, according to the Food Hygiene Ratings scheme.  

Fifty-nine per cent of businesses have a hygiene rating of 5, with 95 per cent having a rating of three or above.

It comes as Torfaen Council marks 10 years since the display of Food Hygiene Ratings became a legal requirement in Wales.

Wales led the way as the first country in the UK to legalise the display of food hygiene ratings in prominent places such as front doors, entrances or windows.

The Food Hygiene Rating Scheme is celebrated as one of the country’s most significant public health achievements of the 21st century.

It aims to enable consumers to make informed choices and to encourage food businesses to prioritise excellent hygiene standards.

Councillor Mandy Owen, Executive Member for the Environment and Economy, said: “The striking black and green stickers on display at restaurants, cafes, supermarkets and online give people the reassurance they seek that businesses in Torfaen are taking food hygiene and standards seriously. 

“Food hygiene rating stickers are a simple and transparent way of displaying the results of the hygiene inspection conducted by our local authority officers. The scheme gives consumers confidence that food is being prepared and served in a safe, clean and hygienic way, and the business is meeting its legislative requirements for food hygiene.”

All food businesses can achieve the top rating of 5 – or ‘very good’ - by doing what is required of them under food law.

Hygiene standards in food businesses have improved because of the mandatory scheme, with 96 per cent of businesses in Wales now displaying a rating of 3 or above.

Research has shown that businesses with higher ratings are less likely to be responsible for outbreaks of foodborne illness.

Nathan Barnhouse, Director of the Food Standards Agency in Wales said: “We are proud to deliver the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme in partnership with Local Authorities and Welsh Government. Local Authorities are essential to the success of the scheme. Through their regular engagement with food businesses, they have played a key role in driving up hygiene standards to where they are today. The scheme allows people to vote with their feet or by a click of a button and choose those businesses that take food hygiene seriously.”

Ask about the Food Hygiene Rating, look for the sticker, or check online before purchasing food:

New or existing food businesses operating in Torfaen, who have food safety queries, can seek advice from the Council’s Public Protection service.

To find out more, contact Torfaen Business Direct on 01633 648735 or


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