Key political appointments made at AGM

Posted on: Tuesday 24 May 2022
Councillor Anthony Hunt

At the annual general meeting (AGM) of Torfaen council on Tuesday 24th of May, all the key political appointments to the council's cabinet, committees and outside bodies were confirmed for the year ahead. 

The first act of the AGM was to appoint a new Presiding Member and Deputy Presiding Member for the municipal year 2022/23, to chair Council meetings. 

Cllr Rose Seabourne was re-elected as the council’s Presiding Member and Cllr Stuart Ashley was elected as Deputy Presiding Member. 

Following nominations for the position of Leader of the Council, Cllr Anthony Hunt received a majority vote and was duly re-elected.

Cllr Richard Clark was re-elected as Deputy Leader of the Council and will also hold the portfolio for Education. 

Cabinet members have been re-appointed to the following portfolios for the year ahead:

  • Executive Member for Education – Cllr Richard Clark
  • Executive Member for Children, Families & Communities – Cllr Fiona Cross
  • Executive Member for Environment – Cllr Mandy Owen
  • Executive Member for Resources – Cllr Sue Morgan
  • Executive Member for Corporate Governance & Performance – Cllr Peter Jones
  • Executive Member for Adult Services & Housing - Cllr David Daniels
  • Executive Member for Economy, Skills & Regeneration - Cllr Joanne Gauden

The Chairs of Committees were all elected as follows:

  • Chair of the Healthier Communities O&S Committee – Cllr Janet Jones
  • Chair of the Prosperous Communities O&S Committee - Cllr David Thomas
  • Chair of the Cleaner Communities O&S Committee – Cllr Steven Evans
  • Chair of the Education O&S Committee - Cllr Rose Seabourne
  • Chair of the Cross-cutting Resources & Business O&S Committee - Cllr Stuart Ashley
  • Chair of the Planning Committee - Cllr Norma Parish
  • Chair of the Licensing Committee - Cllr Giles Davies
  • Chair of the Pensions Committee - Cllr Nathan Yeowell
  • Chair of the Democratic Services Committee - Cllr Ron Burnett
  • Chair of Audit Committee – to be elected by the committee

In accepting his appointment as Leader of Torfaen Council, Anthony Hunt thanked the Presiding Member, council staff and community volunteers for their work over the past year and welcomed new and returning councillors. He also paid tribute to retiring members and remembered the recently passed Nye James, a long standing councillor for the Pontnewydd Ward and a former Mayor or Torfaen.

Speaking in the council chamber, Cllr Hunt added: “My aim is to repay the trust put in me from fellow members and my constituents as Leader of this council.

“One of our many challenges will be to address the cost of living crisis which is affecting so many residents who are having trouble paying for basics like food and heating. During this term we must also address the need for us all to live more sustainably, improve the model in social care, raise educational attainment and I wish to see a healthier, more active population.

“These are just a few of the issues we will need to address collectively in this chamber and I am looking forward to working with members of every political persuasion. They will not be resolved by shouting or stamping of feet, but by working together and being innovative.”

The 90 seats on various committees and sub committees are now allocated based on political balance.  The majority labour group are allocated 66 seats with 16 seats allocated for the Independent group and 8 seats allocated to the Torfaen Independent group.

Cllr Alan Slade has been appointed Leader of the Independent group (the largest opposition group), who nominated Cllr David Thomas to Chair of the Prosperous Communities O&S Committee.

Cllr Ron Burnett has been appointed as Leader of Torfaen Independent group (the second largest opposition group), who nominated Cllr Janet Jones to Chair of the Healthier Communities O&S Committee.

The council also made nominations to outside bodies including the South Wales Fire and Rescue Service, Torfaen Leisure Trust, Bron Afon Community Housing and the Brecon Beacons National park.

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