Geese petition response

Posted on: Wednesday 27 July 2022

At this week's council meeting, a report was presented in response to a petition about the removal of geese from Two Locks towpath in Cwmbran.

The petition, submitted in June, requested evidence to confirm the geese have been placed in an appropriate environment and have access to other wildfowl and human contact. 

Failing that, it requested the council should arrange for the two geese to be placed into an environment as described that will safeguard their future. 

The report outlined the steps taken by the council to safely rehome the geese at a private small holding in Torfaen with a suitable environment to meet their needs, including a large pond.

Council officers have visited the small holding on several occasions to check on the safety and welfare of the geese and are satisfied they are being well looked after. 

Councillors were satisfied the geese had been removed to a safe place and agreed the recommendation of the report.

Officers were thanked by some members for their sensitive handling of the situation. 

You can read the report in full here.

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