Council workers rescue elderly lady

Posted on: Friday 16 December 2022
Council workers

Two council workers have been praised after they rescued an elderly lady who had fallen between two cars in Pontypool. 

Darryl Carter and David Malson, who work for Torfaen Council's Streetscene team, were driving along Osborne Road, on Monday 12 December, when they saw the lady lying face down.

They stopped immediately and, with the help of another gentleman, made her comfortable while they called an ambulance.

Darryl spoke to the ambulance service who advised that because her injuries were not life-threatening, they were unable to say when an ambulance would arrive. 

So after speaking to the operator and the lady, Darryl and David decided to carry her into their van and drive her home to wait for the paramedics there. 

Darryl, 39, said: "We were driving past the old Free Press office towards the town centre and I spotted two legs between two cars. We pulled over and saw the lady lying face down with a gash above her eye.

"We turned her over and sat her up - I sat behind her to support her. Another gentleman brought a pillow and blankets and we called 999. 

"The operator explained they could not give us an idea of when the ambulance would arrive so, after speaking to them and the lady, we decided to carry her into the van and take her home so she could wait in the warm.

"When we got there we made sure she was comfortable and warm and called the ambulance service again to let them know where she was. I also left my number with her and she called a couple of days later to say the paramedics had been and she needed three stitches for the cut."

David, 27, added: "She had only been there about 10 minutes but she was already shaking with the cold. We were just glad we were able to help."

Streetscene Operations Co-ordinator Sian Watkins said: "We are very proud of both of our staff members.

“They didn’t think twice about rescuing the elderly lady, and making sure that she, and her husband got home safely. We are glad to hear she is recovering well." 

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