Local Nature Reserves

Garn Lakes Local Nature Reserve

Torfaen County Borough Council has designated seven sites in the borough as Local Nature Reserves (or LNR's). LNR's are for both people and wildlife and are an important local resource for environmental education.. They are places with wildlife that are of special interest locally, which give people opportunities to study and learn about them or simply enjoy and have contact with nature. They are for conservation, quiet enjoyment and public appreciation of nature.

Cwmynyscoy Quarry

Situated near Pontypool, within a disused quarry, this reserve is home to a number of important species including noctule bats and barn owls.

Churchwood and Springvale Ponds

Located next to the Greenmeadow Community Farm in Cwmbran this reserve contains ancient woodland and a series of ponds and wetlands which are important for a range of wildlife.

Henllys Open Space

This reserve is made up of a range of habitats, from grassland and brooks to majestic broadleaf woodland. It is home to a wealth of wildlife, such as the marbled white and meadow brown butterfly.

Garn Lakes

The three lakes, which make up this reserve, are home to breeding wildfowl, wading birds and a variety of dragonflies such as the black tailed skimmer. A new wetland area with bird hide was created recently.


Tirpentwys used to be an old tipping site, but has recently been reclaimed and is now made up of a number of different habitats including ponds, woodland and streams.

Cwmavon Corridor

This reserve covers over 45 hectares. Its main feature is the cycle trail, which follows the route of an old railway through grassland and mature woodland of sessile oak, beech and hazel, at an altitude of 300m. Here, look out for woodland birds such as pied flycatcher, wood warbler and redstart.


This is the latest LNR to be designated in Torfaen Llwyncelyn fields, located next to the new Llwyncelyn Cemetery rise above the houses of Hollybush and Coed Eva and provide surprising, panoramic views in all directions. This is a site that is well used by the local community and is the largest example of flower rich meadows in Torfaen.

A Local Nature Reserves Leaflet providing information on 6 of the LNR’s (excluding Llwyncelyn) is available to download.

Countryside Rangers worked closely with members of the local community and volunteers to undertake management activities at all LNR’s.

A Friends group has been established at Henllys Open Space LNR.

For more information visit the Henllys Local Nature Reserve Group Blog

Gwent Wildlife Trust Nature Reserves in Torfaen

Gwent Wildlife Trust manages three nature reserves in Torfaen

Coed Meyric Moel

This small urban reserve comprises a meadow and a small area of oak woodland. It is a good site for birds, butterflies and other insects. For further information visit www.gwentwildlife.org/nature-reserves/coed-meyric-moel

Branches Fork Meadows

Branches Fork Meadows lies below the conifer plantation of Tranch Wood and along the Torfaen cycle path. This small reserve supports a variety of habitats including a pond, damp heathy grassland, willow scrub and young oak woodland. For further information visit www.gwentwildlife.org/nature-reserves/branches-fork-meadows

Henllys Bog SSSI

A small valley mire surrounded by woodland with a large and interesting flora. For further information visit www.gwentwildlife.org/nature-reserves/henllys-bog-sssi

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