Membership of the Local Access Forum

Who makes up the LAF?

The LAF is made up of volunteers who have experience or an interest in countryside and access issues. There is a balanced mix between users and land-owners/managers, with a wide range of experience and interests. (See the list of members below) Each member is appointed in their own right, not as a representative of any particular group or body so they cannot appoint a deputy to attend in their place should they be unable to attend a meeting.

How often do they meet?

At present, the LAF meets every three months at the Civic Centre in Pontypool. The meetings are public and anyone may attend but only the LAF members can participate. Should a member of the public wish to raise a point at the LAF meeting, they can contact the secretary or the chairman and request they include their access issue on the agenda.

How do you become a member of the LAF?

Every three years, interested members of the public are invited to apply to become a member of the LAF. The applications are assessed by the local authority and the successful members are appointed for a three year period. The authority also provides secretarial support to the LAF but the forum must set their own agendas with individual members actively encouraged to suggest agenda items and provide supporting papers where necessary.

The present members are as follows:

  • Mr Edwin Gulliford, Blaenavon, Chairman
  • Ms. Veronica Brannovic Pontypool Deputy Chair
  • Mrs Gill Calder-Matthews, Pontypool
  • Mrs Charlotte Barter, Blaenavon
  • Mr J Hanbury, Pontypool
  • Mr Jeff Williams, Cwmbran
  • Mr Jason Rees, Cwmbran
  • Mr Harry McKenzie, Pontypool
  • Mr Rob Holcombe, Ponthir
  • Mr Jon Horler, Pontypool
  • Councillor Lewis Jones
  • Mr Christopher Hatch, Pontypool
  • Mrs Linda Stinchcombe, Cwmbran
  • Miss Aileen Vaughan, Ebbw Vale
  • Miss Nadine Morgan, Abertillery
  • Mr Mark Lewis, Cwmtillery
  • Mrs Liz Van, Cwmbran
Last Modified: 05/12/2018
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