Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC's)

SINC’s (or Wildlife Sites) are sites of substantive nature conservation value. Their designation is a non-statutory one but they are vital for enabling the planning system to recognise, protect and enhance special sites.

SINCs primary role is to help ensure biodiversity is given due consideration in the land use planning system. SINCs are designated through the rigorous application of local criteria to ensure designation is justified on biological or geological grounds. Developers and landowners should be able to identify how their proposals may affect the interests for which the sites are designated (either positively or negatively) and where relevant, how sites contribute to wider ecological networks or mosaics.

The conservation and enhancement of SINCs is an important contribution to the implementation of Biodiversity Action Plans and to the management of features of the landscape of major importance for wild flora and fauna.

Where development proposals may affect national or local Biodiversity Action Plan habitats or species the same principles apply as to that of SINCs. For further information see Planning Policy Wales (PPW) and Technical Advice Note 5 (Nature Conservation and Planning).

To ensure sites designated in a transparent manner a group consisting of representatives from TCBC, Gwent Wildlife Trust, Natural Resources Wales, Welsh Water and others meet to oversee the designation of sites in Torfaen. Its purpose is to act as an independent moderator for all proposed sites. To date over 200 sites have been agreed.

Last Modified: 05/12/2018
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