Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Support Officer

Torfaen has an ASD Support Officer whose aim is:

  • to support children and families through exploring their current situation in a solution focussed way, through listening, providing relevant information, and signposting to other professionals who may be able to offer help. 
  • to liaise with parents, health and education staff to help maximise learning and social interaction within schools and local communities.
  • to support children and families with a diagnosed ASD in two distinct ways.
    • Post diagnostic support
    • Transition

Post diagnostic support

Diagnosing health professionals can refer families, with their consent, to the ASD Support Officer. Early intervention, post diagnosis, can serve to support children and families in a positive way, ensuring that they are partners in the education of their child. The ASD Support Officer can serve as a bridge between the family and school, ensuring that the child with ASD is accommodated in the most appropriate way.


Starting at primary or secondary school can be a challenging time especially if a child has been diagnosed ASD.

The ASD Support Officer can help by ensuring that essential and sometimes overlooked information about a child is transferred between home, primary and secondary schools. 

The ASD Support Officer can offer a tailored package of support based on individual needs, ability and interest. 

Cheryl Deneen is the ASD Officer and can be contacted by email at:

Last Modified: 05/12/2018
For more information contact:

Inclusion Service

Tel: 01495 766929 or 01495 766968

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