Pont Fach Assessment Centre

Pont Fach is part of a Graduated Response in supporting primary Highly Complex pupils with Extreme Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties which have a significant impact on their learning.

It offers bespoke part-time, short-term placement based on individual needs with pupil remaining on roll at their school. Pont Fach is not an SNRB.

They complete a series of assessments to get a bigger picture of ‘what’s going on’: social, emotional and behavioural needs of a pupil; cognitive abilities if school feel there is an underlying learning difficulty that school have been unable to assess. Working  closely with school support staff in a controlled environment.

  • Make recommendations to school on ways forward re return to school
  • Liaise with Outreach if support is needed for a pupil returning to school
  • Liaise with Local Authority if return to school is not recommended

Referral Route

Requests for involvement to the service are made by the schools as part of their ALN graduated response.

Last Modified: 09/02/2022
For more information contact:

Inclusion Service

Tel: 01495 766929 or 01495 766968

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